Friday, February 25, 2011

i'm here

wow, it has been a while. dah sebulan lebih dah tak menulis.
but i'm here, still.

for last few weeks, I was heavily bombarded by others' problems, here and there, it's everywhere!
and I was very very concerned about them.
thinking that I was responsible to solve the problems.

to an extent that, I forgot, macam la aku takde masalah?
so now, it IS a problem for me. To forget about myself.

and Allah acknowledge that. It IS was and will always be a problem, to take yourself for granted.
but aren't YOU are the one who read Allah's book?
you tell other people to do good, but what about YOURSELF?

and Allah gives us 2 solutions; sabr and solah.
SEEK HELP! with these two ingredients. simple isn't it?


oh well, i may be a little bit late (more than 2 weeks) , but i dedicate this song to all,
especially  to my dear trouble makers brothers, haha:

Fazli, Akmal Hayat, Wan Aminuddin, Zulhilmi Zarith, Din Scorpie

Thanks for taking care of me all this time!
jazakumullah khair katheeeeeeeeera!